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We are a thriving university with a deep commitment to teaching and research excellence. Established in 1840 by the Church of England, everything we do is underpinned by an unrelenting commitment to our values.

In 1840 there were just ten pupils. Today we have close to 8,000 students, a beautiful award-winning campus which is a hub of knowledge, creativity and innovation for the City and beyond. In all of that growth and change our story, our long history, has followed in the way of the original mission of the Church in establishing the Diocesan Training College. We are proud to have a long history of upholding people’s rights, seeking justice and challenging prejudice; and today being a leading values-driven university with a deep commitment to freedom, justice, truth, human rights and collective effort for the common good.

About us

Compassion, individuals matter, and spirituality

Our values of Compassion, Individuals Matter and Spirituality shape how we do this and why – we believe academic freedom leads to big ideas which in turn lead to social justice and creativity for a better world.

Our passion is to see staff and students grow as a whole person. It is safe to try new things here, to stand up for what you believe in. You will be supported to engage with the big and deep questions of life, to bring about change and really make a difference. We seek to challenge and develop staff and students’ thinking, enabling them to develop in wisdom for a fulfilling life as well as the knowledge they need for a successful career. Our staff and students will have the resilience and resourcefulness to sieze the opportunities and face the challenges of life.

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