More than 110,000 students are currently studying at Cathedrals Group universities. 

Transformational experiences

Centred on students

A name, not a number

The ethos of Cathedrals Group universities, alongside our relatively smaller size and the qualities across our staff, ensures we aim to treat every individual student as a name, not a number. We take great pride in getting to know the distinctive talents and aspirations of individual students, and working with them to make their goals a reality.

Cathedrals Group universities are some of the most successful in the sector at creating opportunities for people from all walks of life, so that their background is not a barrier to accessing education. From mature students and those from underrepresented groups, to people with challenging life experiences, including mental health difficulties, time in prison, and homelessness - our work helps thousands of people to feel they can fulfill their true potential.  

A name, not a number

Our work together

The Choirs' Festival

We welcome opportunities to showcase talent across our staff and students, and come together in a spirit of mutual celebration.

For a number of years our members have held a Choirs Festival. The Festival draws on the rich history of choral singing at our institutions, the integral role of the arts across our identities, and the close connections we maintain with some of the countries most famous Cathedrals and churches.

The Festival invites our choirs to come together and sing in an outstanding setting, following many months of rehearsal and preparation. It often sees the formation of new friendships, mutual appreciation and wondeful examples of talent.


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