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Education for the Whole Person

The Cathedrals Group of universities believe a Higher Education experience is worth so much more than what people earn after graduating.

Emphasising well-being, wisdom and wider potential, alongside academic excellence, we demonstrate how universities can help a greater variety of people and places to thrive.

Whether it's our sector-leading work helping more people into university, the major contribution we make to our changing towns and cities, or our vital role training the nation's key workers - our members are working to create a fairer, wiser, more caring world.

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Education for the Whole Person

Powering public services

Inspiring generations of teaching talent

With one in every four new primary school teachers, and nearly one in every seven new secondary school teachers gaining their qualifications at a Cathedrals Group university, our members play a vital role educating the nation's educators. It's not surprising: our members were established by the Church as teacher training colleges, expanding to become diverse and distinguished universities.


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Taking action on COVID-19

Supporting the Class of 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created multiple challenges across all sections of society. Graduates are no different. Finding a job and navigating the responsibilities of adulthood has become even more complex, especially for those who need extra advocacy.

Cathedrals Group universities have been working together to understand the help our graduates need, and provide direct assistance. Our Graduate Careers Fund is helping the Class of 2020 from across the country to overcome hardship and break down the barriers that can prevent them finding work.

Through our shared commitment to lifelong support, we're realising the potential of fifteen Careers Teams, working towards a common goal.

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Supporting the Class of 2020

Shaping our Sector

A wider view of quality and standards

The recent Office for Students consultation on monitoring quality and standards in English universities, takes a narrow view of what students look for in a university and how success should be measured.

The Cathedrals Group of universities has responded, emphasising the importance of recognising the added value higher education brings to people's lives, and highlighting the risks to widening participation if the regulator primarily measures success using graduate earnings.

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A wider view of quality and standards