Our safeguarding statement

The Cathedrals Group safeguarding statement

The Cathedrals Group of universities (the “Cathedrals Group”) is a partnership of fifteen universities who work together on issues, projects, and research that reflects the history, values, and ethos its members have in common. The Cathedral’s Group’s work is guided by its Constitution.

All fifteen members of the Cathedrals Group recognise that safeguarding, including the Prevent duty, is a shared responsibility and is everyone’s responsibility.  

Each Cathedrals Group institution has a considered and detailed safeguarding policy set out on its website. These policies provide advice and guidance for staff and students, including links to external information and expertise, to help them identify and act upon safeguarding concerns. All staff must familiarise themselves with their respective institution’s safeguarding policy and procedures, which set out that institution’s expectations in relation to their conduct, their responsibility to report any concerns and named officers are identified with lead responsibility across the safeguarding agenda.

On occasion, Cathedrals Group members may work together on events, projects or research that bring their staff directly into contact with vulnerable children, young people or adults. When we know this to be the case, the staff from each participating Cathedrals Group member and the support staff who work with the Cathedrals Group will ensure that they talk together appropriately in advance, so that everyone is clear about any safeguarding considerations and implications for those involved. Cathedrals Group members’ existing safeguarding policies will underpin these conversations, the conduct of any activities, and way any issues are addressed.

If a safeguarding concern arises at a Cathedrals Group event or activity about a member of staff of a Cathedrals Group institution, the first point of reference should be the safeguarding policy of the Cathedrals Group institution at which that member of staff is employed. If the concern is about someone who is not a member of staff of a Cathedrals Group institution, the safeguarding policy of the Cathedrals Group institution hosting the event or activity should be used.

Any investigation or actions taken by a Cathedrals Group member’s institution will be supported by the full Cathedrals Group, with that support including any assistance required from the Cathedrals Group Support Office, who are usually involved in the oversight and administration of activity connected to the Cathedral’s Group.

The Cathedrals Group takes all safeguarding matters extremely seriously. Should an issue be raised that requires escalation within the Cathedrals Group, this will be done firstly with the Chair of the Group and ultimately with the Group’s Executive Committee. This approach will support and complement the actions of the lead Cathedrals Group institution addressing the safeguarding concern, it does not in any way supersede that institution’s policy and procedures on safeguarding matters.

The Cathedrals Group will periodically review its approach to safeguarding as part of its wider self-assessment against Charity Commission guidance, plus any updates to national policy.